About the Legacy Project

The Legacy Project Details:
A. Quinn Jones Museum 
and Heritage Trail

AQJ Museum Isometric PlanThe Legacy Project consists of two major elements. The focal point is the A. Quinn Jones Museum, to be developed in the former Jones home at 1013 NW 7th Avenue in Gainesville.  Serving as a tribute to one of the most influential educators in the history of Alachua County, the museum will feature exhibits on “Prof” Jones, the people and places of the Fifth Avenue / Pleasant Street neighborhood, and house a collection of oral histories centering on the African-American experience in Gainesville.

Proposed Heritage Trail MapThe second element is the Heritage Trail, which will be directly accessed from the A. Quinn Jones Museum and extend throughout the unique, vibrant neighborhood that fostered these remarkable accomplishments. The Heritage Trail is a system of physical markers featuring the words and images of current and former neighborhood residents and business owners. These storyboards will weave together the stories of hope and determination introduced at the Museum bringing the neighborhood’s rich history to life.

Enduring Stewardship
A long term management plan will be developed by the CRA and the City of Gainesville Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs to ensure a quality visitor experience and the future financial viability of the museum.  Plans will cover operational responsibilities ranging from building maintenance to providing visitor services and protecting irreplaceable artifacts and records.

The project schedule is dependent on the completion of the capital campaign to fund the design of the exhibits and rehabilitation of the Jones House.  Once the funds are raised, design and planning are projected to take nine months, and construction approximately one year.  Groundbreaking is anticipated to occur in 
late 2012.

An Essential Project
The success of the Legacy Project centers on unique oral histories, but with the passage of time, it is inevitable that some of these stories will become lost or obscured so we need to act now.  We are fortunate today that we are able to create an accurate and lively record of the past while memories are still strong. In addition, it is vitally important that we preserve the example set by community leaders like “Prof” Jones to endow young people with the inspiration to realize their full potential.

Project Partners

  • Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency
  • City of Gainesville Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs
  • Lincoln High School Alumni Association
  • School Board of Alachua County
  • The Matheson Museum
  • Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University of Florida

What can you do?
Be a part of the Legacy.  Contribute today or contact the CRA about submitting an oral history.